**Exclusive Interview with Lacey Schuckman**

I had an honor recently to be able to do an interview with Lacey Schuckman. Lacey is a Pro Female MMA Fighter and one of the best up and comers in the sport today. For those of you who don't know much about Lacey let me give you a little bit of background about her before we start the interview. Lacey has trained with some greats since she has started training to include 5 time World Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion and MMA Fighter John Cronk. She has also trained with Hale Hilsabeck from Rocky Mountain Karate and had her first 8 Mauy Thai fights representing that school by the time she was 17 year old. To start on her MMA training she also studied under Rex Payne who is an affiliate of Rickson Gracie and works with Team Bad Breed. Also under Team Bad Breed is where Lacey first two amateur MMA fights happened. Currently Lacey is training with her husband Randall and their team called Team Rugburn out of the Pressroom in Colorado. Lacey made her Pro MMA debut in January of 2009 at the G-Fight Grand Prix and has been moving forward with her Pro MMA career ever since.

Chris: Tell us a little about yourself?
Lacey: I grew up in Golden, Colorado with my Mom, Peggy and my 3 sisters Angi, Lisa, and Talitha. I started dating my now husband, Randall when I was 12, so he has been a huge part of my life since I was young. We started training around age 15 and have had a very fun ride. We still live in Colorado with our 4 dogs Kaos and Keeva (The Pitbulls), Shaggy (The Lhaso Apso) and Fenway (The Miniature Dachshund Hound).

Chris: Where do you currently train?
Lacey: Team Rugburn at The Pressroom

Chris: Who is your main trainer?
Lacey: My wonderful husband, Randall Schuckman

Chris: What is your favorite style to train in and why?
Lacey: I love Jiu Jitsu! I figure why get punched in the face if you don't have to. Don't get me wrong I love doing Muay Thai and Boxing but after a few hours of getting your head rocked it's nice to relax and just roll. Wrestling is a topper on my list as well, I excel at it, but it too is a lot of grind and pure strength so it's tough!

Chris: What does your training consist of day to day?
Lacey: It varies everyday. Randall is awesome at keeping you from getting bored. We always do intense cardio to begin class. Some days we do standup technique and just drill, some days he just kicks are butt at cardio for hours, or maybe we do a day on evolved Jiu Jitsu. Then we always do our lifting, different muscle groups on different days. We do mad strength and conditioning, LOTS of roadwork! We obviously do a lot of sparring but we mix it up maybe we just box or maybe we do boxing and takedowns or maybe just full out MMA. We just like ot be very well rounded.

Chris: Do you think that living and training in Colorado with its higher altitude gives you an advantage when you fight?
Lacey: Oh totally! I mean it feels like you can go forever when you fight anywhere else in the cage and training elsewhere. Don't get me wrong I get tired in fights here and there but nothing like a fight out here. On top off your opponent usually comes in from a lower elevation.

Chris: Can you tell me some about Team Rugburn?
Lacey: We are a small team that is steadily growing. We come out of the Pressroom. We train 36-50 hours a week together in all disciplines. We are all building a gym up from nothing and it is really coming along! i stand behind everyone that comes out of The Pressroom. We know when your ready physically, you know when your ready mentally and I feel like that is what makes our team work successfully. No one gets in that ring prematurely, plain and simple. No pressure and no meat head mentality is what we stand for. I believe this will be a highly evolved team one day!

Chris: Can you tell me of any up and comers we should be watching for in MMA that are currently part of or have been part of Team Rugburn?
Lacey: EVERYONE! I believe everyone in that gym will be a star one day!

Chris: Do you have any fights coming up in the near future? If so who are your opponent going to be?
Lacey: Well I am looking at a March fight with Kyane Hampton, and an April fight with Kate Martinez no contracts have been signed yet so things could change. I am also in talks about a fight in June so we'll see!

Chris: Tell me what a day in the life of Lacey Schuckman is like?
Lacey: Monday through Saturday I wake up about 8 or 9 am. and take my dogs for a run. Then I do physique training for an hour, then move on to about 2-3 hours of technique and practical execution privately with Randall. Then I eat breakfast and stretch. I hang out for a bit, do errands or chores then eat lunch and take my dogs out again. Then I take a nap for about an hour or two. Then I do night class which is with a bunch of people, we do technique, intense cardio, a lot of sport specific lifting, and sparring. Through out the day my coach likes me to study fight footage of all kinds and take notes. Then after training I usually cook dinner for the team, walk my dogs and then I go to bed. On Sundays I start out going to church, do a light run or something and just chill out!

Chris: What is your favorite fight that you have ever fought and why?
Lacey: I would have to say I have two favorite fights. My first is when I fought to defend my title against Kari Ricker out of Mark Coleman's Hammer House. We both came in looking to counterfight when I think she got bored and shot in very wide. I caught her in a tight Guillotine and then went to pull guard I only got half guard so I kind of panicked. I thought she was going to just pop out and start ground and pounding away. All of a sudden then ref is yelling, "she's out" and pulling me off. We were checking on her and all of a sudden she came too and woke up. I didn't believe the fight ended at :26 of rd. 1 it was crazy. my second favorite fight was my last fight. It is one of my favorites because I learned so much about myself from that loss. I fought Jeri Sitzes (World Combat League) at the Strikeforce Challengers Series 3 show. I lost to a 3rd round TKO. I didn't cut weight properly for that fight, I took it on only 3 weeks notice, and I hadn't been training as hard as I could've on top of I underestimated my opponent. I did pretty much anything wrong for that fight that I could've. I realized that once again I was starstruck with the opportunity to fight in Strikeforce and I just wasn't prepared enough.

Chris: Who do you look up to in Women's MMA?
Lacey: Well I have a lot of girls I look up to. I have to say the obvious, Cris (Cyborg) Santos, I mean I have dreams of being that shredded and sick in the cage, she just amazes me. I love to watch her training videos on Youtube. I also really like Megumi Fuji's unorthodox style. I really like Shanya Baszlers wrestling, Jessica Pene's stand up, and Lana Stefanac's Jitz.

Chris: If you could fight anyone right now who would it be and why?
Lacey: I never really look for a specific future opponent, I just kind of take them as they roll. If it is a smart fight for me to take I take it and if it's not I don't. I am hoping that my next few fights come through so that I can get back in action steadily.

Chris: What are your long term goals for MMA and how long do you plan to keep fighting?
Lacey: Ad long as my body lets me I guess! Well of course my #1 goal is to be the best flyweight on the planet. For right now I am content with trying to just train the hardest I can and work my way to the top. I would like to fight in Japan and I would like to eventually fight for Strikeforce again. I want to open up a large facility and start a gym using Randall's and my fighting system and train the future champions of MMA.

Chris: What is your favorite food?
Lacey: I love Mexican food and ice cream! I guess my most favorite food though would be sushi. I love it all rolls, sashimi, all of it.

Chris: What do you do for fun or what are your hobbies outside of the octagon?
Lacey: Well I love animals but especially Pitbulls, in my free time Randall and I fight against breed specific legislation. States and cities try to illegalize certain breeds and that is just not right, no discrimination should be put on any living creature. We also love to hike and just play around, we're big kids!

Chris: Tell us some of the jobs you had before you became a Pro Female MMA fighter?
Lacey: Well before I went pro Randall and I owned a paint company, R + L Painting, we did great for about 3 years and when the recession hit our business crumbled. That was one big factor in my decision to go pro. Before that I never had a job, I was a pretty lucky kid, my Mom just let me be a kid, plus I moved out pretty young me and Randall started living together when I was about 15 or 16 and we bought our first house when I was 17. So we had already started our business in high school and it was a lot of fun, I miss painting sometimes.

Chris: What advice would give to other ladies who are trying to get into MMA?
Lacey: Surround yourself with good people. This is a sketchy behind the scenes sport. Get good coaches, teammates, and managers. Don't let others ride your coat tails, don't let others put you into bad fights just to help themselves, and most of all don't let anyone make you take chances, "just for the experience". Protect your record by only stepping up to challenges you are ready for and most of all make sure you are always having fun with what you are doing. As soon as it becomes work then you need to re-evaluate your situation!

Chris: What is one saying in your life that you try to live by everyday?
Lacey: "Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel the true warmth!" LOL No but seriously I like this one, "Success is judged on what you had to give up to attain it!"

Chris: Are there any charities that you represent that you would like to mention?

Chris: Are there any sponsors or people you would like to thank?
Lacey: I would like to start off by thanking my numero uno sponsor, Tussle Fight Gear , Slade and Molly. They rock go buy their gear, they cater to the female fan, athlete, and really anyone. They're guys stuff is wicked tough looking so go check them out. Also Julian Fury Clothing, Tap or Sleep, Brutality Fight Gear, and Underworld Tattoo. I would like to thank My husband, Randall he is the light of my life, and all my training partners at the Pressroom, you guys make it happen! Also you Chris, great interview and thanks for including me!

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