Could MMA Become An Olympic Sport

Read the article and let me know what you think.  I think Mr. Garcia is on to something here.  I have often pondered this question and I think this is something that is doable.

I am sure as the author states in his article that there would need to be some standardized rules that everyone could agree upon but I think that is something that can be accomplished.  Also I agree that this could breath new life into the Olympics.  I would love to see MMA be added to the Olympics and have the best of USA compete against all the other countries of the world to see who takes home the GOLD!!!

But I do have some questions and maybe you folks can help me get some different points of view.

Do you think this is possible?
Do you think this is something that we will see in our lifetime?
What do you think has to take place in order for this to happen?
Do you agree with Mr. Garcia's assessment of MMA? and the Olympics?
If you are a fighter would you be interested in being in the Olympics if they had MMA as an event?


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  2. The biggest hurdle is establishing an international governing body for the sport. The closest is M-1 who does international competitions on a regular basis.

    Submission grappling/BJJ is in the process. A sport has already got an Olympic committee organized to make it as a possible test sport in the 2016 Brazilian Olympics. It is currently trying to find one singular governing body in which to generate unified rules and regulations.

  3. MarQ,

    Thanks for your comment first of all. :) I hear there is an organization that is in the works to address making MMA an Olympic sport. I will update you as I find out more.

    As far as grappling and BJJ is concerned do you know which body is working on the governance process with the Olympic committee?


Thanks for your comments they are always appreciated.