Some Quick Questions with Miesha Tate

I caught up with Meisha Tate earlier this week and asked her a few questions about Womens Mixed Martial Arts, Strikeforce, and how her training is going.  This is what she had to say.

Chris:  Thanks for taking the time Miesha to answer a few quick questions.
Miesha: Anytime!!!

Chris: How is your training going at Alpha Male?
Miesha: It's great! Top notch coaches and size appropriate partners, couldn't ask for much more!

Chris: Tell all of us what this "Title" shot means to you?

Miesha: Everything, every moment Ive put into training and fighting leads all to this one shot!

Chris: What do you think your strengths are coming into this fight?

Miesha: I think my wrestling will be my biggest strength physically, but my heart and mental strength aren't matched by many.

Chris: What are your thoughts or feelings on what Strikeforce is doing to promote Women's MMA?

Miesha: I have to give them credit for believing in us from the get go, the have given us the opportunity to shine and that's just what we are doing.

Chris: If there was one thing you wanted to say to all the women who look up to you in MMA what would you say?

Miesha: Thank you for your support, it goes both ways and I appreciate my fans & supporters just as much as they may appreciate me! And never let anyone tell you no or you shouldn't pursue your dreams & aspirations.

Chris: Last but not least give a shout out to anyone you want too.  (Sponsors, Family, Teammates, Friends, Supporters, Anyone.)

Miesha: I'd like to thank God for blessing me with all that I have, Strikeforce for the incredible opportunity, Team Alpha Male for helping me prepare for my title fight, big thanks to my wonderful Boyfriend Bryan Caraway for the countless hours of technique training he's helped me with, all my friends and family that love me unconditionally! My little doggie Skooter and last but not least my sponsors Raw State, CageHero, Bad Reputation, Cage Candy, Tussle, and Caged Steel.

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