Martial Arts Series

We are going to be starting a new series on the Martial Arts.  How we are going to set it up is we are going to pick a Martial Art at random and do a post on how it got started and what the Martial Art is all about.  Then the next post in the series will be about Female Fighters who study that Martial Art and how they have adapted that Martial Art into their fighting system for MMA.

So with this series you will start seeing some posting coming out soon both on our Twitter account and our Facebook page asking for Female Fighters who practice a certain Martial Art.  If you would like to be included in our post and don't mind being quoted we would love for you to give us any insights you might have.

We are excited about the first installment in this new series as it promises not only to be educational on the Martial Arts themselves but also educational about the female fighters who use these Martial Arts and how they have adapted them for their individual use in Mixed Martial Arts.

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