Getting to know WMMA via Twitter Series: SchenkMMA

Well to get this series started we thought to show everyone how it would work we would go ahead and do the process on ourselves first.  So on Monday we selected a SchenkMMA follower.  That will be us this week.  Then we e-mailed our 5 questions to the selected follower.  We got our answers to the questions back on Thursday (Can you believe it took those people at SchenkMMA 3 days to get us their answers back?  I mean really what are they so busy doing?).  Then we posted the answers to their questions on Friday.  So just so everyone knows this will be the process going forward and please keep checking back each week to see who will be spotlighted on the site from week to week.  Our answers are posted below.

SchenkMMA: Tell us a little about yourself.

SchenkMMA: We are the only company that specializes in representing Female MMA Fighters.  We were established in 2009 and our goal is to help any and all female fighters in the WMMA community to be the very best they can be.  We are always willing to help and will do anything we can to make sure that not only are our fighters but any Female Fighter that needs help gets the help they need to accomplish their goals.  We are proud to be members of the WMMA community and we are willing to help our community anyway we can.  Last but not least we here at SchenkMMA try to live by our company motto (Lebe deine Träume, oder Trying) each and every day and we try to incorporate it into everything we do for our fighters, our sponsors, the promotions we fight for, and the WMMA community as a whole.  If there is ever anything we can do to help anyone in the WMMA community please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time night or day we are always here to help and will always help anyway we can.

SchenkMMA:  What Martial Arts have you studied?

SchenkMMA:  The CEO of SchenkMMA has studied Judo and Aikido and one of our VP's has studied Tang Soo Do.

SchenkMMA:  What got you interested in WMMA?

SchenkMMA:  Most of us here at SchenkMMA have been involved in the Martial Arts since we were children.  When MMA was first showcased back at UFC 1 and over in the Pride Fighting Championship in Japan we were immediately drawn to MMA.  As the years went on and we noticed that there wasn't a place for the females who were getting into the sport to fight and showcase their talents we knew that we needed to get involved.  Thus SchenkMMA was born.

SchenkMMA:  Why do you follow SchenkMMA?

SchenkMMA:  Why wouldn't we follow SchenkMMA?  When it comes to the best and only MMA Management company that is solely focused on Female MMA Fighters how could you not follow SchenkMMA?  Plus the people at SchenkMMA are top notch and are always willing to help so why not follow this great group of people?

SchenkMMA:  Anyone you would like to mention or send a shout out to?

SchenkMMA:  We would first like to send a shout out to all of the great people in the WMMA community.  We are honored to be and work in your presence each and every day.  We would also like to send a few personal shouts out to the following people.

MarQ (Mar with a "Q") over are Wombat Sports, and WMMANews - Thanks for all you have done to help us and thank you for always having a spare minute to answer a question we really do appreciate your MarQ.

BlackEye Promotions - Thanks for all you are doing to put together a Women's Division and for giving not only the Pro Female Fighters, but also the Amateur Female Fighters a place to fight and place to call their own.  You folks are doing great things and we really appreciate all  you are doing for the WMMA community.

Sam Wilson -  Sam is a great person and very passionate about WMMA.  We have learned a lot from Sam and she might as well be called the "Mother of WMMA" for all that she has done not only for WMMA and the community but also for the love that she brings to the table each and every day for the female fighters.  We can't speak highly enough about Sam and what a great honor it is for us to be able to talk and learn from Sam daily.

WMMA Reporters - To all of the great WMMA reporters out there who keep us up to date with all the latest news in the WMMA community.  Sometimes we are making the news and other times we are reading about others in the community but our reports for the most part that cover the WMMA community are all top notch writers and we always love reading their work and perspective on things.

Sponsors - To all of the sponsors who currently support WMMA and all of the hard working Female Fighters we take our hats off to you for without you and your continued support a lot of our Female Fighters wouldn't be able to fight.  Thank you for helping all of us in the WMMA community to make these ladies dreams come true.  We couldn't do it without you.

Ok obviously I could go on and on with "Thanks" to all the great people in the WMMA community but I am sure most of you folks probably stopped reading this post by about the end of question one.  So if you are still with us at this point please know there are many that weren't mentioned and we wish we could mention and recognize them all but believe me I am sure nobody wants to read all of that.   :)

Till next week,


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