SchenkMMA Presents: Getting to know WMMA via Twitter

Here at SchenkMMA we are always looking for new and creative ways to get to know and spotlight people in the WMMA community.  So starting this Monday we are going to pick one person from the #WMMA community on Twitter and we are going to send them a simple five questions for them to answer.  Once we get their responses we will post their responses on Friday on our site and they will be the SchenkMMA Twitter Friend of the Week.  The only thing you need to do to be considered for this spotlight is to be "Following" SchenkMMA on Twitter.

So starting Monday we will make a selection and be reaching out to one of the SchenkMMA followers to get this spotlight started.  So look for the new spotlight segment to start next Friday and to continue until we run out of followers.  Remember all you have to do is "Follow" SchenkMMA on Twitter and we will get to you.  Just so everyone knows "everyone" will get a turn so don't rush us to be in the spotlight.   :)

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