WMMA Awards: Part 1

Just in case you missed the WMMA Awards for 2011 we thought we would post the links to the awards show so that you could listen to them in case you missed them.  The WMMA Awards were so big this year that it actually had to be split up into three different shows just to be able to honor all of the winners in 2011.

Part 1 of the show gave the following awards, and was presented by MarQ from Wombat Sports and Katrina Belcher from The Ultimate Female Fighter.

  • Knockout of the Year.
  • Promotion of the Year.
  • Female Strawweight (106lbs) of the Year.
  • Female Flyweight (115lbs) of the Year.
  • Female Super Flyweight (125lbs) of the Year.

I know you are thinking to yourself right now well who won these awards?  Well our answer to you is you are going to have to listen to find out.  The link to the show is below.

WMMA Awards Part 1

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