24 Pro Fighters, Managers, And Coaches Reveal Their Best Tips To Land A Sponsorship

Written by Somadrid Vazques
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Check out this great article that was written by Somadrid over at MMA Somnia

He put together a great article with some tips from some of our WMMA and MMA greats on how to get Sponsors and Sponsorship's for your fights.  A very timely article and one that I think addresses a need that we currently have in the WMMA community especially.  So with that being said give him a few minutes of your time and see what these folks have to say.

P.S. - Look for me in the article.  Somadrid was nice enough to ask for my advice and he was kind enough to reach out to some of us old folks in the community.  When I say old folks I mean like MarQ from Wombat and Sam.  You both know what I mean by old timers in the WMMA community. 

As for the article you can click on this link to take you to the full article.

Thanks again Somadrid for asking me to be involved with your article, I do appreciate it.

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