Catching up with Marloes Coenen

I caught up with Marloes Coenen a little bit early today and had the chance to ask her a few questions about her last fight with Liz Carmouche, and the recent news about Strikeforce being bought by ZUFFA and here is what she had to say.

C:  Tell me what you thought about your last fight with Liz Carmouche?

M:  She's a though opponent, which I knew up front. I saw her fight with Jan Finney. I could have fought better, made a lot of mistakes. My preparation wasn't that good (not due to laziness) and the opponent changed last minute..but I won and it makes me feel good that with all the pressure and things that changed and the not optimal preparation, I still won and stayed the champion. I am always working out hard but I am soooo motivated now! 
C:  Was she a tougher opponent then you thought she would be?
M:  No. I never ever under estimate anyone.
C:  What did you think about her willingness to step up and take the fight against you on short notice after Miesha was injured?

M:  It was the ultimate opportunity for her. Nothing to loose everything to win. I had that too..10 years ago. I was a last replacement for a event in Japan. Won impressively and was invited the week after that for the world title tournament..again as a last minute replacement. You have to take your chances when they are offered.
C:  What was one of the first things you did after your win over Liz after you left the octagon? 
M:  Called my mum and dad. My dad was a sleep but my mum was behind the computer trying to find something. I always tell her the outcome and that I am physically OK. 
C:  What was your corners advice to you after the first two rounds of the fight when you were getting ready to go back in for round three?
M:  Hmmm..I forgot, But after round three he told me to stay on top. Haha!  
C:  What are your thoughts about the recent news that Zuffa has bought Strikeforce? 
M:  We all know how Dana's feelings are toward women in MMA. But I believe that the women can bring something to the game men can't. It's refreshing to see a women's fight mixed among the men during an event. Second, with the right role models women can identify with the female fighters. Once they do..the target group will be booming! Mostly man are enjoying MMA now. If you can put (besides entertainment) femininity, glamour and empowerment of women into the marketing mix..I foresee a bright future for us women in MMA 
C:  What were you thoughts when you heard that Miesha Tate was injured and wasn't going to be able to fight? 
M:  First, nothing much because if I cancel I have a big injury. Especially when it is for a world title! Then I heard from her Twittering, not handing in a doctor's letter and promoting the fight while she already knew she was out. We knew it on Sunday and she kept promotion till Wednesday till one hour before the press release was send out. Not classy or intelligent. And I heard too that after the fight she was Twittering about training again. It looks like she enjoys the limelight a bit too much. 
C:  Did you have to change your whole game plan to fight Liz? 
M:  We did changed things of course..but in the end it is MMA. Just do it.
C:  During the fight it appeared as if Liz's strength was impressive but do you think that your years of fighting and training with Golden Glory gave you the edge to remain calm and wait for your opportunity? 
M:  My trainer told me upfront that the experience I had would work for me. Of course I was focused on a 1 round KO finish,haha! 
C:  Do you feel this is one of those fights that people will talk about for years to come?  Kind of like the Silva vs. Sonnen fight that happened in the UFC?
M:  I have no idea. A lot of people make that comparison, it's up to the audience to call it a classic, not to me.  
C:  What do you think the future holds for you in Strikeforce? 
M:  I have faith, just signed a new contract. 
C:  What are you thoughts about Cris "Cyborg" Santos? Do you think you would ever like to fight her again?  Do you think she has holes in her game that you could capitalize on? 
M:  Yes, I will fight her again. I have a lot to improve though. Also in the muscle department. Now I am dieting my muscles away. When I fight her I have to gain muscles and then diet to become lean. That'll take some time. First I'll keep on fighting in 135lbs and will move to 145lbs.
C:  Anyone you would like to say "Thanks" to or anyone you would like to mention?
M:  I would like to thank the fans cheering for me! And my sponsors Raw State, MicroTech, Fahrenheit Nutrition, Lean FX & Full Tilt Poker. Golden Glory Powerrrr!

Thanks again Marloes for taking the time to answer a few questions for me I really do appreciate it.

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