Getting to know WMMA via Twitter Series: Wombat Sports

If you are in the WMMA community and you haven't been to the Wombat Sports site then I don't know if you can really (honestly) say that you are in the WMMA community.  MarQ is the one of the leaders in WMMA journalism and his site is second to none.  If you haven't checked it out yet then please follow this link (Wombat Sports) and give it look it will be well worth any time you can spend reading and educating yourself in the world of Women's Combat Sports.  So without further a due let's get right to this week's Spotlight with MarQ and Wombat Sports.

SchenkMMA: Tell us about yourself.

Wombat: I am the news editor of - the biggest site for Women's fighting sports; such as MMA, boxing, grappling, and kickboxing. I was also a chair of the G2 Women's MMA Summit this past summer.
SchenkMMA: What Martial Arts have you studied?
Wombat: I studied karate when I was younger, and, although it not necessarily a martial art, I did wrestle in high school. 

SchenkMMA: What got you interested in WMMA?
Wombat: I conducted an interview with Kaitlin Young right before her match with Gina Carano on my entertainment podcast "Somewhere in Vegas" in 2008. After watching her fight Gina, I was hooked. 

SchenkMMA: Why do you follow SchenkMMA?

Wombat: It's been a great mutual relationship. Between the interviews on both of our sites to helping each other when needed, it's more than worth the follow.

SchenkMMA: Anyone you would like to send a shout out to? or mention?

Wombat: The journalists I have worked with to help promote the sport - Rob from MMA Rising, Tim from WMMA Today, Veronica and Kristen from WMMA Round-up. Also three people that have helped the sport this past year especially - Sam Wilson, Slade Bittler, and Janet Martin. All the fighters of course. Finally Mia Hayes, who even after her death has helped the sport grow stronger, and the WMMA community come closer together.  

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