UFC 139 Picks: SchenkMMA Team vs. 4 Year Old

Ok once again it is time for the SchenkMMA team picks for the latest UFC event which just happens to be UFC 139 with Shogun vs. Hendo as the main event. But this time we are going to throw in a little twist into the mix and see how things come out.  This time we are going to list the SchenkMMA team picks and also we called in the CEO's 4 year old son to make his picks and we are going to see who comes out on top.  So let's get this started and see if the Office staff or a 4 year old does better at picking the winners of a UFC 139.  We also added some comments from the 4 year old as to why he made each of his picks.

P.S. - We might add that the 4 year old is already an avid MMA watcher and has already started training in MMA so he might have a slight advantage going into this contest. 

Mauricio Rua vs Dan Henderson

SchenkMMA Team: Henderson

4 year old: Henderson (because he looks like a Champion - quote from 4 year old) 

Wanderlei Silva vs Chung Le

SchenkMMA Team: Chung Le
4 year old: Chung Le (because he doesn't like Axe Murders - quote from 4 year old)

Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles

SchenkMMA Team: Urijah Faber
4 year old: Brian Bowles (Because I like the way his last name sounds - quote from 4 year old)

Martin Kampmann vs Rick Story

SchenkMMA Team: Martin Kampmann
4 year old: Rick Story (Because I like to hear stories - quote from 4 year old)

Stephan Bonnar vs Kyle Kingsbury

SchenkMMA Team: Stephan Bonnar
4 year old: Stephan Bonnar (Because I don't know the other guy - quote from 4 year old)

Ryan Bader vs Jason Brilz

SchenkMMA Team: Ryan Bader
4 year old: Ryan Bader (Because he looks like a mean wrestler - quote from 4 year old)

Michael McDonald vs Alex Soto

SchenkMMA Team: Alex Soto
4 year old: Alex Soto (Because I like his nickname - quote from 4 year old)

Tom Lawlor vs Chris Weidman

SchenkMMA Team: Tom Lawlor
4 year old: Chris Weidman (Because I don't like things that are dirty - quote from 4 year old)

Gleison Tibau vs Rafael Dos Anjos

SchenkMMA Team: Gleison Tibau
4 year old: Rafael Dos Anjos (Because I like him he's a good fighter - quote from 4 year old)

Miguel Angel Torres vs Nick Pace

SchenkMMA Team: Miguel Torres
4 year old: Nick Pace (Because I like his name - quote from 4 year old)

Matt Brown vs Seth Baczynski

SchenkMMA Team: Seth Baczynski
4 year old: Matt Brown (Because Brown is going to win and that other guy is just going to loose - quote from 4 year old)

Shamar Bailey vs Danny Castillo

SchenkMMA Team: Danny Castillo

4 year old: Danny Castillo (Because Bailey is just going to loose - quote from 4 year old)

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  1. Just as a follow up on how we did:

    SchenkMMA Team: 9 correct out of 12 fights.

    4 year old: 7 correct out of 12 fights.


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