Getting to know WMMA via Twitter Series: Ashley Salazar

We have been trying to get out these Spotlights out every Friday but some times that just doesn't work out that way.  We are honored to have been able to finally get Ashley Salazar in our Spotlight and we think it was well worth the wait and we hope you will too.  If you don't know who Ashley Salazar is maybe you know her as a Model? no, maybe you know her as an actress? no, maybe you know her from her extensive photography portfolio? no, then we are sure you must know Ashley as the WMMA fighter that she is and training hard to become everyday.   So without further a due and comments by us that I am sure you could do without we present to you our loyal fans and followers Ashley Salazar.

SchenkMMA: Tell us about yourself.
Ashley:  Professionally I do a little bit of everything, modeling, acting,
photography, I want to one day own a few magazine publications and
also be a film director. Hobby wise I like to work out, spent time
with my family and friends and am always thinking about how I can step
up my game. To be honest, a lot of my life has been so dramatic that
one day I should just write a book but I won't bore you with all that,
just know I am one hell of a go-getter and I don't plan on stopping
anytime soon.

 SchenkMMA: What Martial Arts have you studied?
Ashley: Meditation, assessment, distance, evasion, blocking, striking, Muay
Thai Kick Boxing, Western Boxing,  & Tae Kwon Do, Clenching, throws &
takedowns, submission wrestling, ground & pound and in the future
hopefully weapons as well.

SchenkMMA: What got you interested in WMMA?
Ashley: I started doing MMA myself one day when I was offered a fight title as
a "hot girl" fight here in Saint Louis. After my first fight what can
I say, I was hooked. There are things that I never had in my life that
MMA has given me, I can't even begin to explain what is has done for
me. Confidence in myself, knowing how to protect myself from being
abused, the friends I've made are beyond priceless. I am so thankful
to anyone who has ever been a training partner or a coach of mine
despite a few broken bridges along the way.

SchenkMMA: Why do you follow SchenkMMA?
Ashley: Because the MMA info that comes out of SchenkMMA is great, up to date and not just some "fake" news promo tweets that a lot of these MMA
companies put out. Also because they support me and the movement of
WMMA which some seem to think isn't existent.

SchenkMMA: Anyone you would like to send a shout out to? or mention?
Ashley: My amazing unstoppable team: DeehJhay Redd Entertainment®,
Elite-Showcase, Chillin with Jeff and Kenny-C, Marq Piocos, Slade, HB Models Management and Marketing, My webmaster Donald :)
Paul Brown (living rock god) The entire staff & featured family at aka Ian, Brandon, Tara, Jeremy, and Courtney Nicole and Karina.

All these amazing kick ass people, friends and fans: @bestdamnmodels
Bob Bullard, Stewart Smith, John L. Ocasio Gorotiza ! @ColinParris
@SusanneSaville (buy her book) @whblogspot @mmablogspot @SexyLadyShow
@tomcblock @hotnonymous @sweetdaddyD69 @bobw1o @MissPrettyBrwn
@soldierboy1000 @tennhilljack @DennissdaMenace @OddSocietyCo
@dcmason09 Mike Dye , Chris Eugene Inman, Ryan Burns, Brian Pusczek,
Matt Erickson, John Bonner, Hungreed Pereyra , Jake Wilke, Jason Ray ,
MUA Lanete Oretta (Book her!), Judson Corbello, Corey James ( HAPPY
BIRTHDAY), Christopher Edenloff Π, Gary Powers, Ekay AllDay, Adrian
Ruess-Kneebone, Erwin Prera Jr, Winfield Agonoy, Jason Ray , Jeremy
Hayward, Cory Kimbrough , Victor Lopez, John Austin , David Castillo ,
George Seals (prettyboybeats), Jack Monday, Danial Soprano Spina ,
Jeremy Beile, Jim McClelland-Hopper BU3 Jim Hopper US Navy Upland,
California, and lastly Ralph Rodriguez III :)

And SPECIAL thanks and BIG shout out to SchenkMMA !!!

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